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Dentures: Complete, Partial, & Custom

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With an incredibly high number of people suffering from tooth loss, the need for high-quality dental prosthetics is greater than ever. Some 40 million American adults have none of their teeth remaining in their mouth, and nearly 80 percent are missing at least one tooth. The sad truth is that far too many people suffer in silence about their struggle, too ashamed to seek help from us for their problems.

Getting dentures is an incredibly easy and straightforward procedure, and we here at Sharokina Eshaghi, DMD love seeing the transformation that dentures can make in a person’s smile. Whether you are missing all of your teeth or just some of your teeth, we can help fit you with either complete dentures, partial dentures, or even a custom set of dentures that can help you feel happy and confident with your smile once more.

What Type of Denture is Best for Me?

If you are looking for an attractive and long-lasting restoration for your tooth loss, then dentures may be exactly what you need to improve your smile and prevent problems that can arise from tooth loss. Losing your teeth not only can seem like a blemish on your smile, but it can also make your face take on a prematurely aged and sagging appearance.

Your teeth support your face, helping it look healthy and full. Dentures and partials can help you maintain that attractive facial structure. Losing a tooth can also cause problems with your bite, and if you keep the gap vacant, your remaining teeth may try to drift into the opening left behind. This can lead to more teeth becoming loose and eventually lost.

If you are missing only a few teeth, a partial denture may be beneficial. A partial denture may include three major components. First, it has a metal framework, which is concealed behind your remaining teeth. Partials may also have a skin-colored acrylic resin base, which sits close to the gums. It also has the pontic, the part of the partial that resembles teeth. You can wear your partial denture all day, but you will need to take it out to clean it. It is also advised not to wear it 24 hours a day, as it can cause abrasions. Many of our patients take their partial out to sleep.

Complete dentures are best for patients who have lost a full arch, also known as the top or bottom row of your teeth. Dentures normally have an acrylic pink or skin-toned base that fits over the gums and the prosthetic restorations that resemble teeth. A top denture will cover your soft-palate, but a bottom denture is more shaped like a horseshoe, as it does need to accommodate your tongue. Again, you will need to take them out to clean them. You will still need to keep your gums clean to prevent gum disease.

Are You a Candidate for Dentures?

Custom dentures are the best option for patients who have lost their teeth but want a secure and natural looking restoration. Unlike standard partials and dentures, these are designed based on your mouth shape and aesthetic objectives; their shape is cast from an impression of your mouth, and you can choose exactly how you would like the final result to look. They typically are an excellent fit and typically do not require adhesives to ensure a good fit.

We here at Sharokina Eshaghi, DMD are happy to help you get the best dentures for your needs. To learn more, or to set up an appointment with us, please give us a call today (209) 526-4884!

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