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Rena Bains, DMD
Modesto, CA

Rena Bains, DMD  at Sharokina Eshaghi, DMD in Modesto, CADr. Bains wanted to be a periodontist even before dental school. She learned about periodontics at UCLA during her undergraduate days. She then went to Northwestern Dental School in Chicago. Here she focused her studies toward periodontology and the biologic sciences that surrounded it. She then continued her studies at UCSF, where she spent three years learning surgical techniques to treat disease. After residency ended, Dr. Bains started practicing in Modesto, CA.

Dr. Bains grew up in the east bay and had not been to Modesto before. She and her husband started a family in Modesto and raised 3 young woman in a wonderful environment. She and her family were embraced by the community. Her love of Modesto grew as she met so many wonderful patients who eventually became friends.

Unfortunately, periodontics took a toll on her body. She discovered that over the years her body hurt more often. Eventually after 25 years this became an everyday occurrence. Her body was telling her it was time to retire even though her mind did not want to. So last year she closed her office and thought that was the end of her professional career. What she missed the most were the conversations.

Dr. Eshaghi gave Dr. Bains a chance to practice again. It was only a couple a days of month so there was a lot less pain. Now Dr. Bains is back in the office enjoying the career that she thought was over and having those wonderful conversations again.

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